“A rare totally authentic, no nonsense documentary etude of the highest order about a young, self-destructive graffiti artists living in the streets of Belgrade, homeless, but never hungry; there is a heartbreaking thing or two to be learned about eating food from garbage containers and telling it with disarming honesty and yes, even charm, straight to the camera. Not to be missed!” – curator of SEEFest,LA

2009 premiere at London International Documentary Film Festival LIDF
2009 Best Serbian Documentary Film, XVIII International Festival of Ethnological Film Belgrade Serbia
2010 Best Story Film, FILM FOR PEACE Festival, Italy

“Bojan (aka RAPRESENT) is an orphan in his late teens living on the streets of Belgrade. Graffiti art and hip hop present for him a means of escape from the harsh reality of homelessness and drug addiction that has become his life. He tells us his story over the discarded leftovers of a child’s birthday cake that he finds in a dumpster. Over the course of the film, this small gesture grows into something symbolic, namely a symbolic picture of lost childhood; not just Bojan’s, but of a generation that grew up in the shadow of the Yugoslav wars. Bojan died of a heroin overdose six months after the film was made. He was just 21 years old.The film is a memorial to Bojan Radanov and his generation as well as a testament to the soul’s yearning for a better life even in the midst of societal apathy, abandonment, and crippling addiction. “Rapresent” is Bojan’s story, told his way, and in the end is the heartbreaking record of a life cut too short too soon.” BOJAN RAPRESENT (29.05.1988-11.06.2009)

+30 Selected Festivals:
Rotterdam Film Festival
South Easter European Film Festival, LA
NXNE Film @ Music Festival, Toronto
International Woman’s Film Festival, Cologne, Germany
Canary Wharf Film Festival, London , UK

Film is used in educational settings in Serbia and anthropology seminars worldwide.

Production Notes:
Featuring: Bojan Radanov Rapresent
Director and cinematographer: Ivana Todorovic
Editor: Goran Mijic/music: Milos Dobric
Sound designer: Milan Milosavljevic
Producer: Academic Film Center, Student’s House Cultural Center and Ivana Todorovic
Exhibition Format: HDCAM, DigiBeta,DVD
Production Format: HD
Total Runtime: 33 minutes 2008 • Belgrade • Color