“There are 600 squatter settlements in Serbia, the inhabitants of which are mostly of Roma origin. Of these, 105 are in Belgrade with a further 17 in New Belgrade. This young filmmaker has gained remarkable access to one of these settlements and shows the everyday life of the Stankovic family: A Roma family who live behind the skyscrapers of Block 71 in New Belgrade. This is a documentary full of optimism and warmth, and a strong counter to the negative images usually associated with the Roma population.” – London International Documentary Festival

premiere at Gottingen Ethnographic International Film Festival, Germany
2007 Best Short Film Award, Human Rights Film Festival, Montreal 2007
2007 Special Jury Award, International Film Festival of Ethnological Film, Belgrade

There are 600 squatter settlements in Serbia, the inhabitants of which are mostly of Roma origin. Of there, 105 are in Belgrade with seventeen more in New Belgrade. Here, Ivana Todorovic documents the life of the Stankovic family who migrated from Southern Serbia in search of better opportunities. Provided with few social services, their living conditions are rough and the children work to help support their family. An intimate windiw into Serbian Roma culture, the documentary sheds light on the intricacies of Roma customs and their amalgamation of cultural influences- from Roma and Serbian culture to Hispanic pop culture. Remarkably resilient, funny and optimistic, the children speak openly about their hopes and dreams, including educational opportunities from which they are often excluded. Charming and informative, the documentary brings an alternative and very human view of the often-beleaguered and impoverished Roma.

+30, Selected festivals:
World premiere at Gottingen International Film Festival, Germany
International Documentary Film Festival, Volda, Norway,
DOCUPOLIS, International Documentary Film Festival, Barcelona,
Milano Film Festival , Italy
Royal Anthropological Institute International Festival of Ethnographic Film, UK
New York City Roma Gypsy Film Festival

Film is used as part of the educational curriculum in primary and high schools in Serbia and in university classroom education and NGOs around the globe.

Production Notes:
Featuring:family Stankovic
Director and cinematographer:Ivana Todorovic
Editor:Neda Spasojevic
Producer:Academic Film Center, Student’s House Cultural City
Exhibition Format: HDCAM, DigiBeta,DVD
Production Format: HD
Total Runtime: 33 minutes 2008 • Belgrade • Color
Distributed by: DER http://www.der.org/films/everyday-life-of-roma-children.html